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What Do I Know?

Posted by dave

Wine glass wit reflection

It’s been suggested, and the local search stats show, that some people coming to the site are expecting more information on bar supplies and booze. So I’m planning on augmenting the development blog with reviews of wine, beer, bar equiptment, and bar related news.

This additional information will both be the result of my immersing myself into the culture of the business we are starting, as well as passing on information we become privy to that may not hit the general public.

Understand that in my reviews, I hardly am an expert. I do not have a PhD in Brewology, but I do know what I like, and most often what I like satisfies most of the general public. Those with especially discerning tastes may want to take what I recommend with a bit of skepticism.

Finally, it should be noted that we will not be reviewing overly-expensive wines, or anything out of the reach of the consumer. Our entire mission is to increase the availability of well designed bar equipment to the general public, so reviewing or recommending anything outside of that would be counter-productive.

Our first review will come shortly – as a hint, it has a penguin on the cover.


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    What Do I Know? | The Bar Project Project

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    What Do I Know? | The Bar Project Project

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