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Guinness Dominos TV Advertisement

Posted by dave

Guinness Dominos

Keeping in line with our love of not just booze and bar supplies – but also really, really good advertising, we’ve got another commercial for you.

Just like the Carlton Draft Big Ad, Guinness has a new advertisement happening overseas that has little chance of making it state-side. With their theme “Good things come to those who wait”, Guinness has delivered a ridiculously giant Dominos inspired advertisement – a Domino village with an impressive ending. This is an advertisement you’ve got to see.

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Carlton Draft – The Big Ad

Posted by dave

Big Ad

Carlton Draft in Australia has a great commercial which will never be shown here in the states, so I thought I’d share the love. Thanks to my brother Sean (not the business partner Sean) for the pointer.

I love a great commercial or advertisement campaign. We’re inundated with trash advertising almost constantly through the day. I’m sick of car advertisements – a commercial break can’t pass without at least one advertisement for a car I really don’t want. So when a really neat advertisement comes along, it’s quite refreshing.

Fortunately, alcohol seems to have a bit more of a sense of humor when it comes to advertising, and so I quite often enjoy ads for brands like Heineken or Miller Genuine Draft. I may or may not drink their beer, but at least I appreciate the effort.

Check out the Carlton Draft ad.

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