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Review: Warsteiner Premium Verum

Posted by dave


Beer is one of those things that has an incredibly storied history. It dates back to the fifth millennium BC and is one of the oldest known human-produced beverages, which proves that despite anything anyone may say, the human race has had some sort of acceptable and condonable understanding of taste for over seven thousand years.

The oldest known chemically tested evidence of beer from over 7000 years ago actually comes from what is now known as Iran. So despite any nuclear arms race, anti-western sentiment, or totalitarian government forcing its citizenry into zealous oppression supported by an extremely fundamentalist interpretation of the Islamic religion… to Iran, I say a hearty “thanks”.

I’m not going to wax educational this entire post, so if you’re interested in learning the interesting history of beer, head on over here. But it’s important to know that beer is older than wine, any other man-made alcoholic beverage, and even most man made beverages of any kind.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce Warsteiner to anyone who drinks beer but doesn’t know the producer, and I share with those who know Warsteiner the satisfaction that is its drinking experience.

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