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Guinness Dominos TV Advertisement

Posted by dave

Guinness Dominos

Keeping in line with our love of not just booze and bar supplies – but also really, really good advertising, we’ve got another commercial for you.

Just like the Carlton Draft Big Ad, Guinness has a new advertisement happening overseas that has little chance of making it state-side. With their theme “Good things come to those who wait”, Guinness has delivered a ridiculously giant Dominos inspired advertisement – a Domino village with an impressive ending. This is an advertisement you’ve got to see.

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Homage to Guinness

Posted by dave


I wanted to share just a few words regarding one of my new favorite to-drink brews – good, old fashioned, always-there Guinness. I’ve been a Guinness drinker for some time now (being a regular at the Philadelphia Guinness Believers events) but I wanted to share a few thoughts regarding the beer of beers, and why I love it so much.

Guinness is certainly not the beer that beer snobs pay much attention to. It was originated for the masses, often was used as a carb-substitute for families that could afford Guinness and not bread (although it was much more watered down then) and you have to count the number of pints pounded by the hundred-millions. In a North vs. South struggle, Ireland splits its loyalties between Guinness and Murphy’s, but that’s not really the topic of discussion right now.

I think I know why it is I’m drawn to this beer – it’s that it is about one of the only beers I have ever tried that tastes good at room temperature. When not partying at super-high levels, I tend to enjoy my drink. I don’t pour a beer and then stare at an empty glass 3 minutes later – on the contrary – a pint might last me a good half hour if the sipping-mood strikes me.

But for most beers, it’s equivalent to drinking room-temperature coffee. You kind of want to get at coffee when it’s hot (or iced) and not when it has settled to room temperature. The same goes for beer – the icer and colderer (made up some words there) the beer is, the better.

That’s not true for Guinness. As a matter of a fact, in certain parts of the world, Guinness is served at room temperature – and if you got the right couple of Guinness zealots in the same room together, you could probably see them come to blows about the correct temperature to serve a pint. Guinness, for its part, doesn’t care, and recently introduced Guinness Extra Cold (just Guinness shot through a super-cooler) so – you know, have it however you like it.

For me though, it’s the core beauty. The roasted barley taste is of course a wonderful thing, and I seem to be skipping over the entire idea of flavor here altogether. But don’t be fooled – it’s that Guinness retains it’s smokey great flavor at just about any temperature. That means there’s no rush to drink, no hurry to indulge. The same pint can be enjoyed for a drawn-out period of time (in beer-drinking parlance anyway) and at the end, you’re still ENJOYING it.

So, since we usually don’t tap on the most famous of beers around here, but I’ve been having myself a Guinness pint regularly recently, I thought I’d just give a hat-tip to this almost 250 year old beer. And don’t get too upset if your local bar doesn’t know how to properly pour a Guinness – it still tastes pretty damn good.

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