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Marge’s Marvelous Manhattan ®

Posted by sean

When it comes to a favorite – any favorite – there is a comfort that comes without thinking – or perhaps more accurately a comfort that come from not having to think.

In my own case, that comfort comes with the topic of this post – the Manhattan – my own particular favorite when it comes to cocktails.

Depending on my mood, I enjoy a variety of drinks, but when the question comes, “What’ll you have” – the first answer that comes without thinking is – a Manhattan, a Perfect Manhattan on the sweet side, to be precise.

As is the custom here at the bar project, I am at this very moment enjoying a Manhattan and hope it’s story below does not suffer as its warm and welcome effects take hold.

To start with, I consider the Manhattan to be an adult’s drink – surely not unapproachable, but in a class of drinks that requires a certain familiarity with alcohol before one is likely to appreciate it.

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